DNA Down Under

with Blaine Bettinger

Frequently asked questions

If I choose the Sydney program would it be a waste of money to also attend another city interstate?
No, only three of the seven talks in the one-day cities will be repeated in Sydney – and with three streams in Sydney and two in the afternoon in other cities you can do a full four day program without any repetition at all. Check out the preliminary programs. Those doing Sydney as well as their own state will be able to get a discount rate on Sydney.

Why not come to Tasmania … Darwin … New Zealand … mid NSW coast … Townsville … etc.?
Blaine Bettinger is heavily in demand internationally and can only give 2½ weeks to Australia. This only allows for the six cities chosen. The three-day extended / in-depth conference in Sydney is a world class DNA event – and the central plank of Blaine’s down under visit. Initially it was planned to only do Sydney, but with Blaine able to give some extra time we added one-day events in other major cities. 60% of the interest in Sydney has come from other states and New Zealand.

Why not three days in Melbourne as well as Sydney?
The answer is much the same as to the previous question. Blaine’s time does not allow for this. Also running two events of this magnitude is not realistic in Australia.

Will the sessions be recorded to make them available after?
No arrangements have been made for this at this stage.

Why Castle Hill for the three-day conference? Why not Sydney CBD?
An event in the Sydney CBD would probably add $200 or more to the cost for the three days – with the higher venue cost and the requirements that any CBD venue booking would also require an (expensive) catering package. Also with around 70% of the interest in Sydney coming from interstate, New Zealand and country NSW accommodation costs (though still high) are likely to be better than the CBD.

Where is Castle Hill and how far from the CBD is it?
32 km north-west of Sydney CBD – about the same distance out as Parramatta, where we have held many of our events in the past. Whatever location we choose it will be convenient for some and not for others. We will be checking out various access options for visitors from interstate, overseas and NSW country and adding information to the web site. With so much interest from interstate and NSW country it is recommended you coordinate travel and accommodation with others – car/taxi pooling, apartment sharing, etc. Apart from cost advantages this is also good for networking with others outside the set program.

Will Brisbane being on a public holiday help or hinder?
If your priority is the Ekka on that day then it won’t work for you – but Ekka runs over other days too. If you normally work mid-week, then the Ekka public holiday allows you to attend without taking a day off work. In addition onsite parking will be easier on a public holiday than a normal work day.

Will there be accommodation close to the seminar location?

  • Melbourne and Canberra – yes. The events are at hotel. Delegate discounts will be available. There are other hotels nearby
  • Sydney – there are a number of major apartment blocks reasonably close to the venue. We will be checking these out further to see if we can get any conference group deals. It would also be more cost effective if several people shared a two or three bedroom apartment. With multiple people at the same hotel there is also opportunity for informal networking with other conference delegates around the dinner table in the evenings (that is also an option at the Castle Hill RSL Club)
  • Other cities – there will be accommodation nearby, but it may require a taxi, car or public transport to get between the two
  • We will be researching accommodation options further and adding information to the web page for each city

What about food and drink?

  • Brisbane and Perth – there is no onsite catering. It is recommended you bring your own, but we will also check out moderately priced catering options, e.g. Subway platters or similar for those that prefer this (at cost)
  • Adelaide – at a sporting club which has a bar for drinks and light meals – and a restaurant
  • Sydney – at a large RSL club which has multiple bar, cafe and restaurant options
  • Melbourne and Canberra – at hotels, which have bars and will offer our delegates a light lunch option (at extra cost). Melbourne also has its own restaurant for those who prefer this

What about one-on-one or small group help or focus sessions?
Although we had a question in the survey about this, we soon realised that this will not be possible within the set program. It would take up the entire program – and all expert presenters to cope with even half the interest there was in this. Some options for addressing this:

  • Society DNA interest groups can give better one-on-one help than you could get in a 25 min session at a busy conference. We will be encouraging all societies and DNA interest groups to run DNA help sessions after the roadshow
  • Find someone with intermediate/advanced knowledge to have lunch or dinner with. There will be a number of experts in every city

Will there be discounted DNA tests at the event?
We will be approaching the major DNA companies and other potential sponsors and exhibitors. It is likely some/all of these will offer special roadshow deals.

Is there’s enough material for 3 days? Isn’t one day enough?
Yes – enough for a six-day conference if we wanted to run that long! We had to make a selection of only half the topics offered by Blaine and the other five main speakers. Check out our preliminary programs.

When will bookings open?
In February 2019. There will be an early bird booking period of about three months from the day bookings open.

Are there any concession rates?
No, not for a one-city booking. There will be a discount for Sydney (3 days) if booked in addition to another city.

Is wheelchair access available?
Yes – in all venues across Australia.

Will you cater for those who are deaf?
We had a question “I am deaf and there is a small group of deaf people who are interested in DNA and we would love to attend. A larger group would be in Melbourne, while there is 4 of us based in NSW. We would need Auslan Interpreters …” (more information given). We will have to check this out further … but if you are in this category email alan@unlockthepast.com.au to help us know the likely interest level.

I am interested in this event as an exhibitor – how do I find out about that?
Watch our web site and newsletters. All venues (all cities) have adequate space for a good exhibition and this will be open to any genealogy product and service providers (almost everyone who has done a DNA test will be interested in genealogy generally). There will also be opportunity to get your promotional material into registration kits in cities you may not personally attend. We will be adding an exhibitor / sponsor page to the web site soon. In the meantime you can email alan@unlockthepast.com.au to register your interest. Let us know what city/cities interest you.