Gail Edwards


Gail Edwards, BA

Gail is a Council member of the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society, co-administrator of the South Australian DNA Project and member of the Society’s DNA Special Interest Group.

She began family history research after retiring from university administration and has qualifications in biological and social sciences. She is on the organising committee for a U3A family history group and teaches family history for beginners at her local library, provides individual tuition on more advanced topics as well as helping people who have taken a DNA test but don’t know what to do next.
She is conducting a study on her grandmother’s very uncommon surname and is a member of the Guild of One Name Studies.

Although not originally from South Australia she has a number of ancestors who migrated to that State in the mid-nineteenth century including a number of Pioneer emigrants and is a past member of Council of the Pioneers Association of South Australia.

Gail’s talk – Adelaide


The South Australia DNA project – This project aims to identify DNA that is associated with the Australian State of South Australia.  It is open to people who have undergone DNA testing and are either born or live in South Australia as well as others who have particular familial ties to the State.

A brief history of European settlement of the State and the locations from which the early settlers originated, their occupational groups and some of the “push” and “pull” factors for migration will be outlined.  

After the first wave of migration the increase in number of migrants decreased significantly until after the second World War when a new cohort of immigrants arrived.  Because of this very unusual pattern of migration it was expected that the DNA of people in the Project would reflect this “founder” effect.  For the same reason it was thought that there would be more matches between members of the Project than you would find where there was a different, more random pattern of immigration.

Information on the Project will include details of Y-DNA and mt-DNA haplogroups, the origins of members’ first ancestors to arrive in South Australia and a summary of ethnicity results for those who have taken at-DNA testing.